Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'd Rather Be (fill in the blank with anything but Running)

When I joined the Navy Reserve force, I really didn't think too hard about exercise. Looking back, I was probably in denial. I wanted to serve. I didn't really want to run. Fortunately, they still make members of the armed forces exercise from time to time, and the Navy is no exception. Every 6 months, we have to run or swim and do situps and pushups to prove that we're not total wimps, or something like that. I have a hard time being motivated to run, but swimming is not an option right now. Here are some links on motivation from Devine Sports and The Runners Guide. I really don't find the "excitement of race day" to be that motivating. Getting my rear end kicked out of the Navy is more motivating, but running is still hard. Plan to run with Matt and Ethan tonight. My current regimen: every day, run farther than the day before, even if it's only a few steps. No stopping to walk. It's simple to write. A little harder to do.

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