Sunday, March 18, 2007

Top Ten Empowering Things to Do

I'm in a list-writing mood. I've come up with several list-style ideas lately; lists I haven't been able to blog due to either feeding, holding, changing or doing laundry for sweet baby boy Ethan. Some examples: Picks for New Moms (strollers, t-shirts, camelbacks, best places to buy used camo and seabags, etc.), Quick and Easy Meals, Shortcuts Around the House (the best one is: Clean the house, then don't move or touch any thing. Better yet, move out for a while. This is probably the only way to keep the house permanently clean.) Here's the one list I have completed:

Top Ten Empowering Things to Do (in 20 min. or less)
10. Organize something. Not a fund-raiser for a local charity, although that would be good. I had in mind, the sock drawer or the medicine cabinet.
9. Do something nice for your sweetie. Something simple like folding his laundry (since that's normally his job, right?).
8. Take a brisk walk.
7. Learn something new, like sign language for baby.
6. When you come across something you need to do, do it, as long as it will take 2 min. or less. This way, you get something done rather than sitting there thinking of all the other 2-min. things you need to do, too.
5. Finish something, even if it's the banana bread sitting there on the counter. Or, alternately,
4. Don't finish something.


Matt Morrison said...

Thanks for folding my laundry babe :)

Marti said...

3. Enjoy your child today; he'll be a little older tomorrow.