Monday, March 26, 2007

New Mom Question of the Week

How do you know when to switch to the next size up in diapers? This is probably like all those other things: You just know. Like 'How do you know when you're really in labor?' and people say 'You just know.' Hum. Ask my colleagues in L&D. We see a lot of people who aren't sure. The only reason I knew I was in labor was that I was being induced, and I was hurting... and I was 5-6 cm. That's always a good sign. So, if anyone wants to offer any comments on the next size up, feel free.


Missy said...

Well, it's hard to say with little ones, because their poops just laugh at diapers on their way out the side, up the back or down the middle. However, when the diaper just can't seem to hold the poop as well as it used to, and it gets harder and harder to get the diaper tabs to meet in the middle, it's time to size up. Wait as long as you can though -- smaller is cheaper. So long as the diaper is still attempting to deflect poop, it's a good idea to wait.

Elisa Morrison said...

Good call. Thanks.