Monday, January 5, 2009

White Parenting

I had a moment today. I'd been looking for a good list of microbreweries in the US, and got on, and found a funny article by an Asian/African-American girl about a satirical blog called Stuff White People Like. Her point was that she liked most of those things, too. She talked about Stuff Mixed People Like, and I could relate a little. So, I went to the blog to see what white people like, and I had my moment. On the first page of this blog, there was a container of sea salt. It appears white people like sea salt. Matt & I have that sea salt in our pantry. Not just any sea salt. THAT EXACT SAME sea salt. I couldn't stop laughing. I understood how the Time author felt. I guess it means I'm white. Or a snob. Or something.

In the same vein, I offer my top 10 list of Stuff White Parents Like:

#10. Bumbo seats
#9. Gymboree
#8. Making homemade baby food; better if it's organic
#7. Baby monitors
#6. Bugaboo strollers
#5. etsy
#4. Anything organic cotton, including breast pads
#3. Wooden toys
#2. Designer nurseries
#1. Cloth diapers


Debbie said...

Does it mean you're not uber white since you don't use cloth diapers?

Elisa Morrison said...

Well... I have always kind of wanted to. I registered for some that come with flushable liners. If I can bring myself to keep buying the liners, I might. :) There's no waste. That's what I like about that particular brand. So I don't know. I don't have a Bugaboo stroller and I don't plan to buy one.

The Neiger's said...
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The Neigers said...

Funny! Your list almost sounds like one of those "personality quiz" things ... you know, like "Are You as 'White' as Your Facebook Friends?"

But going by that list, I only score 2.5 out of 10 ... :-)