Sunday, February 17, 2008

To Do List Blog

I write a lot of To Do lists. I have one on my computer desktop all the time; I only look at and update it about once a month, but writing things down seems to make them happen a little easier. I suppose some other people have found this as well; one of those people has actually found a way to make a career out of other peoples' lists. I visit the To Do List blog from time to time to see what matters to other people, and to see if they've found any must-do's that I should add to my list as well. This one is just plain classic: Ways to Prove We're Ready for Marriage. Top of the list: Do laundry more regularly. You bet. I could work on that one, too. Actually, I think I was pretty regular with the laundry until I got married. I just did it whenever I ran out of underwear. Now, it's a little trickier. My suggestion to the couple wanting to get married: get exactly the same amount of underwear, and wear it at exactly the same rate. This will save you some grief in the long run.

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