Monday, November 17, 2008

The $3.00 (+One Afternoon) Sock Monkey

I try to make something for Ethan for his birthday and Christmas. If I don't do it then, when will I? I won't. As evidence of this fact, I present the Sock Monkey. I bought this pair of socks about a year ago at Marshall's, full of good intentions. They languished in a drawer, until today, when I pulled them out to make a Christmas present for Ethan. At first, I was afraid he'd be horribly ugly, but after getting one ear on, he turned into a pretty cute little guy, very appropriate for our little monkey. If it were up to me, I'd name him "Awesome" after a character on Chuck (just because I think the name's funny), but given Ethan's current naming trends (or lack thereof), I think the sock monkey will probably be called "Monkey."

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yackyjan said...

Your sock monkey is adorable and I'm sure Ethan will love him.

I have a grandson named Ethan and I made him a sock monkey dressed in camophlage. Ethan calls him Sarge.

I've made over 85 sock monkeys in the past year or so....I CAN'T STOP!

Missy said...

He's imaginative with names like Andy and Ben. :) We have lots of things like Tigers named "Tiger," or Pigs named "Pig." Must be genetic. :)