Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Political Post
Okay, okay, A Rant. Maybe even a Tirade.

Since this blog is mostly about me, and about parenting Ethan, and what we do and think about in our family, I'd love to post right now about how one of the most difficult aspects of parenting a baby is getting the crib sheets on the freaking mattress. (Because it is! and because we have ruined more than one crib sheet just trying to get it where it belongs.) But our family (and by that I mean Matt, and to a lesser extent, me) is pretty interested in politics, so I've got to add my two cents worth to the latest blog fall-out over Sarah Palin:

Apparently, Carol Fowler, the South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman, recently stated publicly that Sarah Palin's primary qualification for the VP ticket "seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” Good work, Carol. You just offended mothers of special needs children, mothers of large families, fathers of both of the above, the governors of all 50 states, and particularly, the governors who have subsequently become President and Vice President. (I might add, that they haven't had abortions either, so maybe Ms. Fowler is on to something. Maybe I'll run for President in a few years, since by this standard, I am eminently qualified.)

This mean-spirited, immature, ludicrous comment, and others like it, are only more likely to increase public support for the McCain-Palin ticket, and my guess would be that many, if not most, parents of special needs children will consider voting Republican this year.

The only thing I can add, other than speculation on how soon this will start being referred to as "Fowler-gate," is that it is really the best anti-Dem strategy since the swift boat incident. Keep it up, Carol! Let's hear some more nastiness!

A further note: Ms. Fowler later apologized, and indicated that her remarks had been taken out of context. Of course. Probably a case of too little, too late, as the damage has been done.


Matt said...

Preach it! Comments like Ms. Fowler make it less surprising that Democrats have a hard time winning elections for President.

Jim said...

Well said.